Choose a tough carpet brand and treat it with care; it will last for two decades or more. Visit Carpet Spectrum in Toledo, OH, to find a long-lasting carpet that will enhance your home's decor. We offer top-quality brands of materials like solution-dyed polyester, BCF nylon, triexta, and heat-set Eurolon.


With solution-dyed carpeting, color is added before, not after; the fiber is produced, so colors stay true for years to come. Thus, this colorfast carpet is ideal for home spaces with a great deal of natural light. And since the color goes through entire fibers or with no empty dye sites that can absorb spills, solution-dyed polyester is as close to stain-proof as possible.


Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF) nylon is a carpet yarn made of continuous fibers rather than random length fibers that are spun together. Nylon, known for its resilience, is the most durable carpeting fiber. Since fibers bounce back after compression instead of becoming crushed and matted, you can expect your new carpet to maintain its like-new look.


Triexta, introduced to consumers in 2009, is a fiber that rivals established nylon in strength and longevity. This hydrophobic floor covering is often the fiber of choice for brands that are backed by a pet-friendly warranty. In addition, Triexta, known for its softness and superior stain resistance, contains corn glucose and typical carpet components.


Carpet woven with Eurolon, a proprietary solution-dyed fiber made by Kane Carpet, is anti-static and anti-microbial. In addition, the super-fine synthetic yarns that make up the fiber are heat-set or produced with a steaming process that increases yarn quality. As a result, Eurolon carpeting tends to show contemporary patterns, but classic styles are available.

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